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U.S Navy Ship Comes Under Fire Near Yemen

U.S Navy Ship Comes Under Fire Near Yemen

A guided missile of United States Navy came under fire and destroyed on Sunday from the Yemen coastal areas. It is précised by the rebels of Houthi. Two of the missiles were launched in the ship which was fell in the sea according to the pentagon.

The first episode was known for instance in which American vessel was fired by Houthis in the civil war of Yemen which was begun in 2014.

The attack took place on the day after the airstrikes on the funeral in Sana which si the capital and it killed about 100 people which prompted the United States and it conducted the immediate review for the support of the Saudi which led coalition of the rebel battle.

On the evening of Sunday, the Mason who was a destroyer conducted a routine operation in the waters of international which detected two missiles in the ship which were fired in a period of one hour according to the statement of the Capt. Jeff Davis who is a spokesman of Pentagon.

Both missiles were said to have landed well by the ship and it caused too many injuries and damages to it. This ship was operated in the south region of the Red Sea at the north Bab el Mandeb Strait.

Hundreds of missiles are assessed with the launch of Houthi and is controlled by the territory of Yemen as per the statement of Captain Davis.

The coalition of Saudi led the Arabs to fight with the rebels of Shiite in Yemen in the March 2015. It has been proved by United States that this intelligence is refueling the planes and they are now involved with the targets of coalition airstrikes which were killed by the civilians.

The rebels of Houthi were backed by Iran and they are famous as many other Soviet – era missiles and rockets.