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U.S. taking into account arming Kurds of Syria to stop Islamic State

U.S. taking into account arming Kurds of Syria to stop Islamic State

Binali Yildirim Prime Minister of Turkey stated a probable Obama management plan to arm Kurds of Syria in the battle in opposition to the Islamic State would further break relations among the 2 countries.

The New York Times stated the plan, being talked about via staff of National Security Council, is being vision as a mode to accelerate the battle against IS. President Barack Obama said assistants he desires an unpleasant underway earlier than he departs office in 2017 start by means of a plan at freeing Raqqa, the radical group’s self-announced capital, a defense resource stated.

It possibly will be an important change in policy of U.S. and could origin additional tensions by means of Turkey, the US, NATO friend in the disagreement. Turkey believes the People’s Protection Units, Kurdish Democratic Union Party and others, jointly identified as “Syrian Democratic Front”, to be organizations of terrorist and questions to Washington’s association by means of the factions.

“Either the Syrian People’s Protection Units or Kurdish Democratic Union Party, we recognize them as the subsidiary of Kurdistan Workers’ Party. They have not anything to perform with our Kurdish brothers. They are living in Syria. We have Kurdish-basis citizens in Turkey, as well, and there are Kurds in Iraq. Our nation and country has no trouble with them,” Yildirim stated.

“However, one ought not to fight against a terrorist group utilizing a different terrorist group.”

In the precedent years, the US has supplied little arms and armaments to Syrian Arabs, a Kurdish minority faction tolerable to Turkey. The US has in addition made a few 350 deliverances to Syrian Arab group.

“Everyone recognize IS is supported by ways of Turkey, so the U.S. desires to hold up us to close the Turkish border for the terrorists, and to free the Shahba region which is northern Aleppo to incise the border,” Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party representative Khaled Issa in France stated.

The offer has not up till now been formally presented intended for any conclusion.