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US mayor quits after a racist post of Michelle Obama.


A West Virginia mayor has left his job in the midst of an uproar on a racist post of Facebook that portrayed Michelle Obama, the First Lady as “ape in heels,” stated by US media.

The mayor of a small town of Clay named Beverly Whaling, had emerged to approve the provocative comment and resigned on Tuesday in the midst of the following firestorm.

Local TV channel of news WSAZ verified that Whaling had stepped down.

In accordance with WSAZ, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, Director of Clay County Development Corp had posted later than election of Donald Trump: “It will be energizing to encompass a beautiful, dignified and classy First Lady in White House. I am tired of seeing an Ape in heels.”

Whaling replied: “You just made my day Pam.”

The comments were afterward removed and Facebook pages of both women were ultimately taken offline, The Washington Post stated mentioning local media.

Clay County Development Corp. staffers said to WSAZ that Taylor has been taken out of her place.

8 years of Barack Obama in Whit House have been blemished by ethnic smears in opposition to 1st African American president of the nation and his family.

In accordance with the census of 2010, Clay contains less than 500 people, and is the West Virginia’s Clay County seat.

The uproar upon the comment of racism, and apparently agreeable reply of mayor, encouraged an online petition to have these 2 women expelled.

The text on the website gathered signatures from almost 160,000 users from all over the country.

Whaling had said sorry on Monday in The Washington Post report, writing: “My comment was not proposed to be racist in any way.”

Michelle Obama came into view as an enormously popular deputy intended for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the trail of campaign.