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US using Syria terrorism card for continuous struggle for universal dominance.

US using Syria terrorism card for continuous struggle for universal dominance.The disagreement in Syria is an ingredient of Washington’s major objective to force universal domination, Bashar Assad the President said to a newspaper of Russia. Terrorists inside Syria, he stated, are being utilized by U.S and its Gulf associates to state power on the region, mainly to deteriorate Iran.

Saying that the West and particularly United States not at all ended the Cold War state of mind in chase of world supremacy, even subsequent to the end of Soviet Union, Assad stated that worldwide apprehensions, particularly when it comes to Syria, are rising towards World War III.

The entire matter is about having the domination of Americans all around the globe, not permitting anybody to be an associate on the international or political ground, even if it is Russia or even its associates in West,” Assad stated in an interview by means of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

In the Syrian disagreement, the US is utilizing terrorists to accomplish the objectives of its personal and its associates in broad Middle East, the major objective of which is to deteriorate Damascus’ local friend, Iran. When the Syrian disagreement began in 2011, world supremacies were settling with Iran upon its program of atomic enrichment.

“It was the major matter all around the world, and Syria has to persuade Iran to go in opposition to its benefits, that time. France struggled, Saudi Arabia desired us at that point not to be near of Iran because of no cause, only because they disgust Iran,” Assad stated, adding up that Damascus was given recommendations to that extent after the disagreement initiated in Syria.

“The proposals from Saudi Arabia begin later than the crisis, as they desired to utilize the crisis, ‘if you carry out this, we are intended to help you’, that if you back off from Iran and you declare that you cut off every kind of associations with Iran, we will assist you. Very straight and very easy, short and snappy,” the leader of Syria stated.