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US Wants To Distract Attention From Coalition Strike On Syria Troops – Lavrov

US Wants To Distract Attention From Coalition Strike On Syria Troops – LavrovWestern partners and U.S try to direct the attention of the world and take it away from the airstrikes on the Army of Syria to accuse the Russian attack which is a UN humanitarian convoy outside of Aleppo in the foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov and told by the television of Russia.

It is emphasized by the Western allies and Americans that they may distract the attention of public from the things that have ever happened in Deir – az – Zor, as Lavrov said to NTV that the meeting was called urgently on Monday for the UN Security Council.

The hit of humanitarian convoy demanded the investigation to be conducted. He was a good partner who behaved in a way he never did. This Secretary General never did that.

The investigation of Russia was claimed to be taken place and he knew that the Army of Syria would be in his case fault in that case, as per he announced

Kerry was printed down by the criticism of stark from the apparent of American military, noted by Lavrov. They indicated the US military to comply the commander about the orders of chief.

Barack Obama supports the cooperation of Russia and he confirms it by himself that this meeting is carried through the Vladmir Putin in China. Military obeys the supreme commander a lot.

Lavrov went away with the Washington who tried to continue operations with them to keep the Syria accountable for the finger pointing. This approach proved to be counterproductive and it left Moscow wary to US which led this collaboration in the trust of 100 percent.

“Ahrar Al Sham was planning to launch little attack of chemicals on civilians and they were blamed by the govt. of Syria – envoy of Syrian UN”

Moscow pushed all the detailed investigation in this attack on the convoy of humanitarian as the ministry said.

The west and U.S are copying the obligation of Islamic State which was said by Lavrov.

West was led by US and it was run by the anti – IS coalition to put Al Nusra in Syria and this obligation may be coped up.