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Vladimir Putin blames Ukraine of ‘terror’ on suspected raids of Crimea.

Vladimir Putin blames Ukraine of 'terror' on suspected raids of Crimea.

Vladimir Putin, Russian President blamed Ukraine of supporting “terror” in suspected tried raids into seized Crimea that is strongly denied by Kiev.

Security agency of Russia proclaimed by Ukrainian armed forces intelligence it had frustrated “terrorist attacks” in Crimea and crushed back an assault, alleges that have fires up anxiety initially ignited by 2014 Moscow’s seizure of the tactical Black Sea peninsula.

The FSB alleged in a statement that its officer was murdered in armed fighting whilst catching “terrorists” on August 6-7 night whereas a Russian fighter passed away in a fight by way of “sabotage-terrorist” factions launched by the Ukrainian ministry of defense on 8th of August.

“This is extremely disturbing news. Actually, our security forces avoided a raid into the region by a disrupt-investigation faction as of defense ministry of Ukraine,” Putin stated.

The Kremlin chief blamed the system in Kiev of “practicing terror” and promised not to put down the losses of the 2 Russian officials unanswered.

“From the side of Russian there were fatalities, 2 servicemen killed. We clearly will not allow such things slip by,” Putin stated.

“This is an extremely dangerous game. We will certainly do everything to guarantee the safety of citizens, infrastructure and will seize additional actions to offer security, comprising serious extra procedures.”

Kiev and Moscow have been barred in a harsh argument from the time when in 2014 March the Kremlin detained Crimea as of Ukraine subsequent to Viktor Yanukovych Russian-supported president was expelled.

Oleksandr Turchynov national Security Council chief of Ukraine identified the claims as “frantic and false” and stated Moscow was attempting to fuel terror in Crimea.

Ukraine’s ministry of defense in addition discharged the blames as “nothing extra as an effort to validate the relocation and violent actions” of Russian armed forces in the area.

The OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) observing the boundary among Ukraine mainland and Crimea did not stated any events.