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Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018

It’s a fashion to wear a watch plus watch add a class to your personality if it’s a decent one. Watch gives your hand a best elegant beauty and your entire look completes with a watch. Fancy watches can also be used as jewellery item, and these type of watches don’t just show time but they are a sign of superfluity.
Women adorned themselves with fashions items since ages, and a wrist watch is more important among all. Woman wearing a watch gives a sophisticated look, the day you carry a watch in your hand you will feel yourself complete with a professional/formal look.
Modern women wrist watches work as a smartphone. Atleast they show time and hands-free option. So you can easily keep your phone in bag to avoid unwanted notifications. For womenfolk there are presented of the most luxurious watch studded with diamonds and other ornaments. Some specific popular watch brands are recommended to choose a stylish and high class wrist watch according to your character and budget.
Following we have presented Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2016-2017 to wonder you and so you can make a right choice for yourself.

1. Piaget:

Piaget Watch Brands for women

A Swiss watch manufacturing company, listed at number one to provide the best luxurious wrist watches for women with a great class. The company was founded in 1874 but initially the company was known for its watch movements items and in 2008 it started its wristwatch makings. Also ranked 6th at most prestigious jewellery brand. Piaget made its position at number one in the list of Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018.
Wrist watches from this brand have a self-winding movement, while other special features include ultra-thin look and creative interpretations. But one cons of this brand’s watches is lack of accuracy.

2. Patek Phillipe:

Patek Phillipe Watch Brands for women

A chartbuster among women watch brands, Patek Phillipe is also a Swiss company. It creates timepieces including some sophisticated watches for womenfolk. Their watches have an appeal for ladies worldwide. With a small start of pocket time-pieces now they are at peak of popularity with know-how to make complex pieces. This brand is also known as the most prestigious jewellery brand. The most buzz watch by this brand was Ref. 5002P. This watch was well thought-out as the most expensive one among modern watches with the selling price of 1.4 million dollars. Their all watches contain glittery stars to catch ladies gaze but they have limited designs.

3. Coach:

Coach Watch Brands for women

Coach is an American company with New York headquarter. The brand is popular for making various items such as travel accessories, small gifts-items, handbags for women & men and leather goods. The essence of invention rooted in this company was active for maintaining their watches’ longevity and robustness.
Coach is well thought-out as one best brand of luxurious watches for women. Moreover their logo brandish their company and help them be prominent among others. Quality wise their watches are best as comparing to its rivals. Coach offers simple elegant watches and also the fancy ones. Coach is highly reliable and popular wristwatch brand that it has no cons but the only one is its hefty price tags. This brand isn’t ideal for low budget people. But the company presents very eye-catching designs with company’s logo. That’s why added in the list of Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018.

4. Tiffany & Co:

Tiffany & Co Watch Brands for women

Known as America’s best wristwatch brand here is Tiffany & Co. with New York headquarter since 1837. The company offers different jewellery items, watches, and sterling China silver, leather accessories and some personal items. The main popularity of Tiffany & Co is its diamond jewellery quality and designs. Firstly the company started selling stationary things and soon got success, then they prolonged their business with further items like wristwatches. They offer beautiful elegant and fancy designed pieces with somehow affordable prices. But the precision quality of its products can’t be guaranteed.


5. Gucci:

Gucci  Watch Brands for women

The most celebrated wristwatch brand worldwide, Gucci the Italian brand found in 1921 at Florence. From the opening time till now this brand has managed its position to come up at top lists. Gucci run 278 outlets worldwide. While ranked 38th as the prestigious brand.
Its premium lovely stainless steel made watches are water resistant. Many top rated celebs are attracted to Gucci, either men or women. Wrist watches presented by the brand are not for daily wearing, you can buy it just to wear on special events, but it will give you a feel of celebrity. Cons of Gucci wristwatches include its hefty price tags and less durability.

6. Christian Dior:

Christian Dior Watch Brands for women

The Paris brand is famous in whole world particularly in Europe. Designer Christian Dior originated this brand in 1446. All the goods offered by company are luxurious ones, these goods include jewellery, footwear, leather items and others. Wristwatches offered by this brand fiercely compete with other all women watch brands worldwide. That’s why added in the list of Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018.
Popular with elegancy, when wrapped around the wrist, its watches create a ring. First wristwatch by Dior was introduced in 1975 by name Black Moon. Women wristwatches presented by Dior have divine colours with some sapphires and crystals. But very expensive.

7. Fossil:

Fossil Watch Brands for women

An American company known for offering all items necessary in daily lifestyle. Fossil present a best collection of women wristwatches with unique and lovely designs that make a style statement for sure. Fossil company always best quality material in making of its products, like pure leather, stainless steel and mineral crystals. Women’s watches are designed with different stones to make them fancy. With decent price these wrist watches are for those who look for international designs. But they have poor battery-life.

8. Sonata:

Sonata Watch Brands for women

Sonata by Tata Company India, with Bangalore headquarter. Watches by Sonata brand have 60% above shares in Indian market while sell in other 32 countries too. Because of reasonable prices their watches are very popular. Their category of wedding watches make a hue and provide an enhancing look to dials. To protect the watch from scratches and scruffs different pure minerals are used in making. With water resistant and stylish quality these wristwatches are of low price. Then what a woman wants more? You can also gift a one to bride. That’s why added in the list of Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018.

9. Timex:

Timex Watch Brands for women

Timex is also one of popular wristwatch brand for women also. Timex succeeded the old clock making brand Waterbury. It has the finest ones. Initially they were used in making clocks but they started to offer wristwatches also. Timex ruled the world for half a century as the best women’s watch brand. They present exceptional but modern designs with high durability and different price range. Some of the Timex watches offer date, heartbeat rate, GPs and more. One new category of Timex brand offer digital analogue wristwatches for women.

10. Invicta:

Invicta Watch Brands for women

Last number of the list Top ten Watch Brands for women in 2017-2018, here is Invicta Company, but they grasped top rank in list of Global Technical accomplished watchmakers. They offer gold layered wristwatches for women and never compromised on its quality, moreover they give special attention on watch case, this thing always garb the attention of customers towards them. Cost of this brand’s watches is highly suitable. Each watch of every category is special and steal the show.
Though the brand doesn’t offer luxury wristwatches but formals and casuals both types are offered here, so you can wear them daily. They always design a big dial watch that’s why sometimes it prove a cons for them.