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Weeklong detention over taxi dispute: U.S student finally freed in china

During fare dispute, a taxi driver who was roughing with a lady, his son came in action which led to the injury of the taxi driver. At this student’s week-long detention by China, objections came in view by U.S lawmakers. Accused student, Guthrie McLean, studies at the University of Montana.

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freed student

After weeklong detention, he freed from Chinese jail on this Monday, 24th July. All this fuss generated after the fare dispute. One more thing is worth mentioning here that, Guthrie mother is deaf and as a taxi driver was roughing up with her, Guthrie pushed him that led to the injury of a taxi driver. Guthrie mother told that driver was misbehaving with her and pushing her that is the reason his son did this.(See  Also: Lippi the World Cup triumphing coach appointed manager of China.)

She added that her son got detained for five weeks in accuse of intentional injury and in compensation amount of $7400 was demanded. She was threatened that if she did not pay that amount her son will be lock up for next three years.(Also See: Stars from entertainment and sport get together in China.

Guthrie, who is U.S nationality but spend most time of his life in china with her mother. U.S Sen, Steve Daines, by doing an agreement with Chinese officials made possible this releasing of student. In the agreement, this thing is made possible to drop any charges against U.s student.(Also See:

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Daines stated in an email statement: “The safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas is one of the Department’s highest priorities.” Daines also mentioned that now according to this agreement family of U.s student did not pay any amount as compensation. He added: “After two 20-hour days in back and forth negotiations with Chinese officials, we were able to come to an agreement that worked for everybody, most importantly for Guthrie and for Jennifer, his mother.” Rep Greg Giant forte Montana and Tester showed their happiness on this agreement. U.s national student is currently studying in University of Montana for about two years in Missoula.

U.S student finally freed in china

U.S student finally freed in china

He works in “Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature. Not only this he is been living in china since he was a child, while at that time her mother was also a student of Chinese University.