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Why Russia is supporting Trump?


In meetings, cables and phone calls, European allies of America have stated terror to each other regarding public statements of Trump rejecting role of Moscow in cyber attacks intended to hinder with the U.S. voting. They horror the Republican candidate for president has encouraged the Kremlin in its unparalleled cyber campaign to upset voting in several countries in anticipation of deteriorating Western coalitions, in accordance with law enforcement, intelligence and further officials of government in the Europe and US.

Whereas intelligence officers of America have confidentially briefed Trump regarding attempts of Russia to manipulate the elections, he has openly released that info as untrustworthy, in its place stating this hacking of unbelievable classiness and technical difficulty could have been completed by some fat “guy seated on bed” or a child.

2 European countries officials said to a news agency that comments of Trump regarding hacking of Russia have troubled quite a few partners of NATO as it proposes he moreover doesn’t trust the info he gets in briefings, doesn’t pay concentration to it, doesn’t comprehend it or is deceiving the public of America for mysterious reasons. One British executive stated affiliates of that administration who are conscious of the extent of cyber attacks of Russia both in America and Western Europe thinks Trump’s comments are “quite disturbing” as they fear that, if chosen, the Republican presidential candidate would persist to overlook info collected by intelligence in formulation of foreign policy of U.S.

Behavior of Trump on the other hand, has at times worried Russians, taking them to modify their disinformation and hacking tactics. Such as, when Trump begin a mysterious assault on parents of a soldier who was Muslim-American and gave life in war, the Kremlin presumed the Republican candidate was proving himself unfit psychologically to be the president and possible enforced by his party to leave the race. As an outcome, Moscow placed its hacking crusade on hold temporarily, ending the allocation of documents until Trump alleviated, both in the polls and personally, in accordance with reports given to Western intelligence.