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Will Smith Net Worth How Rich is Will Smith?

Will Smith


Net worth

$ 403 million


Will Smith Net Worth; 186 million dollars.

Will Smith has nearly 186 to 190 million of net worth right now.

Will Smith net worth has been earned from different sources and activities related to showbiz. Will smith was born on 25 September 1968 and is 48 years old now. He was born in west Philadelphia.

Will smith in world ranking according to his earnings;

In year 2016 the celebrity has been dropped off the list of 100 celebrities.

While in year 2014 the said actor was at number 75 out of 100.

In 2013 he was at number 35 in the list of celebrities arranged by the Forbes.

Will Smith net worth and beginning of his career;

In music;

Will Smith

Will smith started his career as a rapper with a companion DJ Jazzy Jeff. In initial years of his rapping career he got the 1st ever Grammy, which he got for the newly formed Rap category in year 1988.

As an actor- sitcom;

Will Smith started his career as an actor in 1990 when he debuted his acting in the NBC sitcom “The fresh price of bell air”. This was the first platform which recognized Will Smith as much that he earned 6 awards for this sitcom which was expended to all over six seasons.

AS a film actor;

His debut in film was from the acting in a play “where the day takes you”

Will Smith net worth sources;

Will smith has earned his net worth from different sources like as follows;

  • Rapping –Music
  • Acting
  • Production
  • Endorsements
  • And appearances.

Will Smith net worth from Music – as a rapper;

Will smith has earned almost 17 million of his net worth from the music,the firdt field of his career. It is almost 5 % of Will Smith net worth.

As a rapper he started his career as a rapper. He made 5 studio albums with DJ Jazzy Jeff. This album was sold worldwide and increased Will Smith net worth by a large amount because 7 million copies. In 1993 he took a break from rapping and focused in his acting but it was just a break as he came back in music very soon. He gave music for a hit movie “Men in Black”. This album was the bestselling album of his music all over his music career.

He released other 3 solo studio albums later on but could not add as much in Will Smith net worth so again decided to focus on movies more than music.

In the 7 years career of Will Smith music career he could add 17.56 million dollars in Will Smith net worth.

Will Smith net worth earned from Acting;

Will smith could earn the largest proportion of his wealth from acting in movies.

There is no source which disclosed the exact amount of Will Smith net worth earned from movies but according to different ways it comes to be an estimation.

On total the net worth of will smith earned during his whole acting career is estimated to be almost 302.43 million dollars. It has contributions from 2 main sources;

  1. TV Series has added an estimated sum of round about 10 million dollars out of 302 million dollars earned from whole acting career.
  2. Acting in movie added the largest proportion in the Will Smith net worth. It is almost 193 million dollars which he earned in his whole acting career till now.

Will Smith net worth from Production;

Will Smith

Will smith net income has also been added in by his work as producer and from appearances he made in his life till now. It is approximately 4 percent of the total net worth of the stunning actor.

Industry experts give an estimation that round about 13.8 million dollars of Will Smith net worth has been earned by his work as a producer.

The show “the fresh prince Bel-air had 24 episodes and Will Smith worked as an executive producer for the show.

Other major production or executive production projects of Will Smith are Robot, After earth and Annie, and Hitch etc.

Overall will smith has produced almost 21 films and TV serials.

It added almost 15 million dollars in Will Smith net worth.

Will Smith net worth from appearances:

will Smith has appeared has almost 316 credits for appeqarances these appearances include talk shows, and other TV shows. As an estimate Will Smith net worth has almost 5 million dollars of earning from his appearances in different shows.

It becomes almost 1 % of total net worth of Will Smith.

Will Smith net worth compared to other celebrities;

  • Will smith has almost 15 times higher net worth as compared to that of Jada Pinkit Smith.
  • Will Smith net worth is approximately 36 times larger net worth than that of Margot Robbie.
  • The net worth of Will Smith is almost 40 times higher than that of Jaden Smith.
  • The net worth of Taylor Swift is almost equal to that of Will Smith.
  • Will Smith net worth as compared to Oprah net worth is 14 times smaller.
  • Net worth of will Smith is 60 percent bigger than that of Matt Damon.

Will Smith net worth in previous 5 years;

  • Will Smith net worth in year 2011 was around 122.05 million dollars.
  • Will Smith net worth was almost 138.7 million dollars in the year 2012.
  • Will Smith had almost 149.9 million dollars in his net worth in the year 2013.
  • In the next year, say 2014 Will Smith had earned a total of 157.5 million dollars as his net worth.
  • In year 2015 he had a sum of 186.45 million dollars as his net worth of the year.
  • In the present year he has almost 186 to 189 million dollars as his total net worth.