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World’s biggest purifier of air turns filthy air of Beijing to diamonds.


A giant air purifier seeks out to generate a fresh air bubble in pollution-choked capital of China and create diamonds as derivatives.

Daan Roosegaarde a Dutch designer revealed the pollution-combating Pollution Free Tower in Beijing on 751 D-Park Power Square on 29th of September.

The 7-meter tall tower, the tallest air purifier of the world, utilizes an original ozone-free technology of ion to sanitize 30,000 cubic meters of air for each hour.

It gathers over 75% of above ground particles of smog by means of diameters varies as of 2.5 microns to 10 microns and discharges fresh air around tower by way of a 360-degree exposure.

The huge vacuum condenses the elements it breathes in and converts them into cubes of diamond. The cubes can be transformed into souvenirs like Cufflinks, Smog Free Rings and Cubes.

By purchasing this smog free jewelry, customers can assist contributing 1,000 cubic meters of fresh air for the city and aid build and develop further towers.

It in addition has a little carbon footprint, utilizing a tiny amount of green electrical energy.

The beginning of the tower produces a hopeful prospect for environment of China as the nation deals by way of its notoriously toxic air.

Information from Greenpeace discloses that Beijing and 3 further cities of China contain a 2.5 particulate substance of air pollution, beyond air feature strategy by the WHO (World Heath Organization).

This height of pollution can originates troubles in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems, and can amplify the danger of premature death and cancer.

The purifier of air is movable, which means it can be taken to extra areas where air pollution persist.

Metro Manila is in the middle of urban regions with soaring quantity of air pollution. But in 2016 March, the” Department of Environment and Natural Resources reported that Metro pollution level of Manila was close up to the average level of 90 micrograms for each usual cubic meter.