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World’s no. 4th Worst Traffic; San Francisco

World’s no. 4th Worst Traffic; San Francisco

San Francisco is a proud world class city but now its worst traffic congestion is on every ones tongue.

In a survey of Metropolitan areas San Francisco was ranked number fourth for worst traffic and number third in US.

Having bridges, bay, hills, tunnels and propensity for people to live other than they work makes this nation most traffic tangled.

A Seattle company Inrix conducted this survey, which provides annually congestion report. The advocates of the nation has that this will slow down the economy as congestion have dramatic impact impacts on the life of people of this Bay Area.

According to a study the drivers of this area and also the inner East Bay, peninsula and South Bay, wasted almost eighty-three hours creeping in this slow traffic.

Last year a survey showed San Francisco on second and drivers wasted seventy-five hours in creeping traffic.

Inrix concluded by saying that this traffic congestion causes a loss of $1996 per driver and the senior Inrix economist said that San Francisco is the worst traffic congested nation during morning and evening drives on city streets.

In the survey it was said that traffic has an impact on the prices of services and goods. Wunderman said, “I listened informally from different companies about the problems of job seekers as the combined commutes are starting drive through for some job seekers”.

The Inrix recommended that these regions should discuss on their transportation and try to determine where improvements are needed. Pishue said we really need a starting point about this congestion.

Wunderman encouraged carpooling and free parking for drivers and suggested to make reginol express lane, expanded ferry system, Uber and Lyft.

But another report by SPUR said that these facilities are needed like Caltrain corridor and express lanes which would offer more facility. SPUR also gave an estimated cost of $16-$21 million for these projects.